What do you get when you cross a preacher with puppets, a ventriloquist with an evangelist, and a pastor with a magician? You get Pastor Neale and Friends.

No matter what denominations you always get fun, laughter and solid teaching.

Whatever type of event you are planning, Pastor Neale and Friends will make that event truly special!

Pastor Neale and Friends also love church daycares and preschools. They love sharing not only the fun and laughter but the message of the gospel as well. With his cast of kid-friendly characters, Pastor Neale Bacon can bring laughter and fun to other non-ministry shows as well. He does

“Just For Fun” shows like I Love to Read, Safety, Halloween and Christmas or Holiday Shows. 

The shows run from 30 to 40 minutes depending on the age range of the audience.

Pastor Neale has a special show in light of the COVID-19 Crisis. This special show is called Scrub A Dub Dub. This is a fun-filled 30-minute no-contact show for ages 3-6 on the subject of how to stay germ-free. A great reminder show after the Covid-19 crisis to KEEP germ free.


The suggested fee for daycare shows $175. If you book 2 for the same location on the same day, such as a morning and afternoon group, the special price is $150 each.

Pastor Neale would never forget our seniors. He has preached at many senior resident chapel services. Of course, there may be a puppet or magic trick in the mix as well.


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If we don't teach our children to follow Jesus,

the world will teach them NOT to.