Who is Pastor Neale Bacon?

Pastor Neale was born and raised in the Vancouver area of British Columbia and has been providing quality entertainment for children and their families since 1977. 

 Before moving into full-time ministry, Pastor Neale was an international performer, having performed in both Canada and the United States.

Pastor Neale has performed in many secular events but his heart is in ministry. He has preached in churches of nearly every denomination, and of course, the puppets come along on most occasions.

He has ministered to churches, daycares, outreach events, camps, seniors homes, treatment centres and more.

Whenever and wherever people want to hear the gospel in a new and unique way, Pastor Neale will be there.

Why PASTOR Neale?

Pastor Neale graduated from Christian Leaders Institute with special studies that help him better share the gospel, especially with children. In 2019, Pastor Neale was ordained through the Christian Leaders Alliance.

After 35+ years as a children's and family entertainer, Pastor Neale has left regular shows behind and is now a pastor and children's evangelist, blending ventriloquism, illusions and humour with his inspirational messages.

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If we don't teach our children to follow Jesus,

the world will teach them NOT to.